DDSY833 single phase prepayment energy
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DDSY833 type single-phase electrnic pre-paid electric meter is developedanew kind product by our company, with is
based on excellent of pre-paid special chip. It has multiple functions, such as electrical energy calculation, load control
and user’s information management. The product setting carge and adjusting load state in the electric-network.
The product can be installed in the electric meter box, indoor or outdoor, the ambient emperature is -25℃~+60℃. The
relative humidity is not more than 85%.
Each of performance norms of the product accords with IEC61036 static meter intermational standard and all technical
requirments of JB/T8382-1996 pre-paid electric meter standard.

Functions and features

The international standard IC card hard disk password protection for pre-collection of fees, and the power supply
department pre-charge the power bills by selling the IC cards, so that the users can use the power soon after
It integrates full digital metering, power display, pre-payment control, card reading, and intelligent power-theft-proof,
with very good reliability.
It is equipped with overload protection. when the load exceeds 20-30% of the max current for10-15 seconds, the
power supply circuit will be off.
The IC card is furnished with both soft and hard disc password protection, which can fully ensure the safety, accuracy
and reliability of the data. with special design, the IC card can record the information of remaining powertheft.
The perfect card protection circuit is capable of preventing any malicious attacks.
It can display the remaining and accumulating power in alternation, with five digitals(four integers and one decimal
It is able to signal the alarm when the power runs out, and may over draft when the card is inserted. When the digital
tube flashes and shows the remaining power,it reminds the users to imput newly purchased power.
When the insufficient power reaches certain value(set before ex-factory, usually at-10kW.h), the power will be off
automatically, and power supply will resume as soon as the newly purchased power is input(deducting the over
The application of magnetic latching relay has not only raised the reliability of power-off and reduced the power consumption
after power-off, but also overcome the difficulties for contact due to long time of large current of relay.
When the power is off, the data can be saved automatically and recovered when the power supply resumes. constituted
the power-sales management system.
Through the comparison and analysis of recorded information, the management system can list the users who are
suspicious of stealing power. In this way, customers can examine the power more easily, and reduce the power theft.
Option of RS485.

Technical parameters

Outer and mount dimension

Wiring diagram

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