DTSY833 series three phase prepayment energy meter
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Type DTSY(DSSY)833 three-phase electronic prepayment electric energy meter is the metrical instru ment
controling ghe electricity by limiting the quantity and load after the user pays the rat-eto the supply departmentin
advance. It employs the American chip to measure the impulse as well as the latest encypted IC card to transmit
the data. with one card for one user, it is provided with the function for protecting again stelectricity-theft.
Therefore, it is widely applied to industrial or mineral enterprises, real estate mangaement of small residential
area, and town and country network reform.
Each of the performance indexes is styictiy in conformitly to the technical requirements for electronic threephase
prepayment electric enetgy meter specified in IEC61036 and JB/T8382-96 standards.

Functions and features

Manufactuing standard: In conformity to the repuirement specified in JB/T8382-96 Prepayment Electric energy
meter standard.
Accuracy class: Class1.0; Class2.0.
Power consumption: ≤2.0W.
Work voltage range.
Three-phase three-wire: 3x100V、50Hz、3x1.5(6)A、3X3(6)A.
Three-phase four-wire:3x220V、50Hz、3x1.5(6)A、3X3(6)A、3x3(6)A、3X5(20)A、3x10(40)A、3x20(80)A.
Service conditions: Ambient temperature-20~+50℃.
Relative humidity:≤85%.
Option of RS485.

Technical parameters

Outer and mount dimension

Wiring diagram

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